Resourceful & Courteous

While I did not retain this firm in my case, this was the most resourceful and courteous group of professionals I spoke to in the Orange county area regarding my matter. I'd suggest to anyone that the Mitchell Law Firm will guide you through your case every step of the way and ease your mind during this process. Because, any legal matter dealing with child/custody/paternity cases can be vastly confusing and often times a nightmare. Just based on the minimal experience I dealt with the Mitchell Law Firm I 100% would give a vote of full confidence to their expertise and dedication to your case. Hope this helps!

-Gus P.

Excellent Lawyer

Excellent Lawyer! Friendly, fair, a lawyer for the people! Thank you for your time! Greatly appreciated! Elisabeth Lockheart-Rocky Murphy.

-Elisabeth L.

Wholeheartedly Recommend

On November 11th, 2017, I was arrested for DWI. I blew .137 in the jail and it confused me because I did not feel even slightly intoxicated the entire night. I figured I would hire Brennan to plead guilty on my behalf and hope for a decent sentence. After an interview, and viewing the evidence of the night of the arrest, Brennan convinced me to take the case to trial, as he truly believed me to be innocent. "You look great on video. There's no way you accurately blew a .137 that night. There must be something wrong with that machine." We took the case to trial and there I met his paralegal, Brittiany, who worked just as diligently as he did to affirm my innocence. Upon further investigation, Brennan discovered that the State Trooper who arrested me that night did not comply with the STANDARDIZED test to prove I was intoxicated. After an hour of deliberation, the jury of 6 of my peers found me NOT GUILTY. Mr. Mitchell is a fantastic lawyer. He doesn't care who he upsets in the courtroom. As long as it serves in the best interest of his client. I was highly impressed with how he represented me. And the verdict is a testimony to his skill in science and legality of a DWI stop. If you ever find yourself in my predicament, I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Mitchell's firm!

-Steven I.

Happy with My Defense

Great communication the whole time. I'm happy with the defense I received and would recommend them.

-Victor G.

Exceeded All Expectations

We hired Brennon to assist with a custody order modification with regard to my 12 year old daughter and ex-husband at her request. From the consult, to today's hearing, Brennon and his paralegal Destin have been a breath of fresh air in a situation we feared hopeless. He exceeded all expectations and made us feel cared about and protected. Highly recommended, and I would give a million stars if I could!

-Amy F.

Awesome Lawyer

Awesome & dedicated lawyer!!

-Amanda P.

Great All Around

Great dude! Good all around the court house.

-James F.

Good Fighting Team

I cant say enough great things about brennon and Britney. They worked hard on our case and fought for us like it was their own family. I would recommend this amazing team to anyone who needs a good fighting team. Brennon is so knowledgeable and fights for his client with all his might.

-Kristel D.

Highly Recommended!

Brennon went above and beyond to guide and assist me through a position I never thought I would find myself in. He is valiant in the courtroom, and his efforts leading up to the 'big day' are greatly appreciated. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

-Kimberly N.

Very Professional

Very professional, ethical and always quick to respond with the advice/representation that would be in my best interest. Always straight to the point as well. Highly recommend him to anyone and everyone!

-Kenedie K.

Very Understanding

Good lawyer, very understanding, made me know I made the right choice!

-Victoria G.

It's Like Working with Family!

It's like working with family! They did an awesome job of representing and defending my husband and won his trial case! ! Our whole family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts! We will recommend them to anyone that is in need! Thank you from The Balthazar's

-Kimme B.

Affordable Legal Representation

Do not worry about the cost!! We knew our case was going to be complicated and time consuming and were concerned about being able to afford legal representation. After consulting with Mr. Mitchell, he took great care to work with our budget and work out a payment plan that we could comfortably afford.

-Cherryl C.

Great Lawyer!

Great lawyer! Lovely ladies !! Gets the job done!!!

-Kristi L.

Great Representation

He was great representation. He was spoke on my husband's behalf and was an immense help. I would recommend him to anyone anytime.

-Amanda A.

Patient and Helpful

Brennon and his paralegal, Brittinay were patient and helpful throughout the course of a rather lengthy and difficult divorce. Brennon really cares about his clients and will pick up his phone day or night to ensure you are getting everything you need. Brittinay also made herself very available and would respond to questions and emails even after office hours to make sure I was always in the loop on what was going on. Brennon says what needs to be said when it comes to seeing that his clients get what they deserve. I was very happy with the outcome of my settlement and would use Brennon again in a heartbeat for any legal matters going forward. Thank you Brennon and Brittinay for all of your help and really going the distance to see things through even when I was ready to throw in the towel. Highly recommended!

-Rob T.

Very Helpful

They are very helpful.

-Tina Kay O.